Author Topic: Remastersys 3.0.2-1 released supporting Ubuntu Lucid up to Precise  (Read 9401 times)

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Most notable changes are:

New official gui that has a log viewer built in.
Gui package now split off from the base cli package.
Precise support.

You can see more details and screenshots on the newly updated website -

Packages you will now see in the repository:

remastersys - base remastersys package cli only - you must install this
remastersys-gui - new gui starting with precise - may not work on older versions prior to 11.10
remastersys-gtk - pygtk gui that should work on lucid and up to and including precise

Splitting them off means you can just install the cli remastersys package as it is the base working package anyway.  If you prefer not to see remastersys on the menu this is all you need.

Installing either remastersys-gui or remastersys-gtk will provide you with the options to customize the live boot background picture, the system grub background pciture, create a simple plymouth theme and copy user settings to /etc/skel so they are default for your system and live iso.

The Manual Method

As root - issue 'sudo su' in the terminal window prior to the following command.

Download and apply the repository gpg key.

wget -O - | apt-key add -

Add the following line that corresponds to your version of Ubuntu to your /etc/apt/sources.list

#Remastersys Lucid
deb lucid main

#Remastersys Maverick
deb maverick main

#Remastersys Natty
deb natty main

#Remastersys Oneiric
deb oneiric main

#Remastersys Precise
deb precise main

Now just apt-get update or reload in Synaptic to have the new Remastersys signed repository ready to use!

Contact me if you would like to translate the new gui into your native language and I will provide you with the po file to translate.  When I get a few more translations I will make a remastersys-gui-translations package that includes the translations and add it to the repository.
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Please attach your remastersys.log for the system you are asking for help on as it helps me assist you much quicker.