• Cheap Selective Preemergency Herbicide Metolachlor 720 G/L EC / 500 G/L EC for sale
    ...selective preemergency herbicide metolachlor 720g/L EC, 500g/L EC, 96% TC Toxicity The acute oral LD50 was 2 780 ... more
    Brand Name:Averstar
    Model Number:720g/L EC, 500g/L EC, 96% TC
    Place of Origin:China

    Selective Preemergency Herbicide Metolachlor 720 G/L EC / 500 G/L EC

  • Cheap Lactofen 240g/L EC for sale
    ... is a kind of selective herbicide used in summer and spring soybean field. A herbicide for the control annual broadleaf grass in soybean field. PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS HAZARDS TO HUMANS & DOMESTIC ANIMALS DANGER: Corrosive... more
    Place of Origin:Hefei, China
    Minimum Order Quantity:2000L or 2000kg
    Delivery Time:One Month after orders confirmed

    Lactofen 240g/L EC

  • Cheap Non Toxic Herbicide Bio Agro Chemicals CAS 81777-89-1 Clomazone 480G/L EC for sale
    ...%EC 480g/l EC 40%EC Application Clomazone is a broad spectrum herbicide used for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in cotton, peas, pumpkins, soybeans, sweet potatoes, tobacco, winter squash and fallow more
    Brand Name:MOLOTUS
    Model Number:Clomazone 480 G/L EC
    Place of Origin:CHINA

    Non Toxic Herbicide Bio Agro Chemicals CAS 81777-89-1 Clomazone 480G/L EC

  • Cheap Pendulum 3.3 (2.5 gal) Preemerge Crabgrass and lawn weed control for sale
    larger image Pendulum 3.3 (2.5 gal) Preemerge Crabgrass and lawn weed control $126.95 $101.56 Save: 20% off Add to Cart: Shipping Weight: 29lbs 2 Units in Stock more
    Categories:Garden Weed Control Fabric

    Pendulum 3.3 (2.5 gal) Preemerge Crabgrass and lawn weed control

  • Cheap Weed control mat for sale
    has been improving the earliness, Protection against outside aggressions (frost, hail, wind, insects etc.) Increased temperature and hygrometry thus creating a micro-climate favorable to the growth of your plants and preservation of your soil structure ... more
    Categories:Weed Control Mat
    Telephone:(0086) 576 86521002

    Weed control mat

  • Cheap preemergence Imazethapyr 70%WDG herbicide agrochemicals Imazapyr-isopropylammonium for sale
    ... agrochemicals Descrition: Imazapyr-isopropylammonium is used for pre- and post-emergence control of annual and perennial grasses, sedges and broad-leaved weeds, as well as many brush and deciduous tree species. Used... more
    Brand Name:Agroland
    Place of Origin:P.R.China
    Minimum Order Quantity:500

    preemergence Imazethapyr 70%WDG herbicide agrochemicals Imazapyr-isopropylammonium

  • Cheap Trifluralin 48%EC sugar beet herbicides Fast Acting Weed Killer cas 1582-09-8 for sale
    ... the hypocotyl region. Also inhibits root development. Trifluralin is a selective, preemergence dinitroaniline herbicide used to control many annual gra sses and broadleaf weeds in a large variety of tree fruit, nut, vegetable, and grain... more
    Brand Name:Greenriver
    Place of Origin:China
    Certification:SGS, C/O, FORM A,

    Trifluralin 48%EC sugar beet herbicides Fast Acting Weed Killer cas 1582-09-8

    Greenriver Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Cheap Butachlor Preemergence annual grass, weeds liquid Non Selective Herbicide 23184-66-9 for sale
    ... Registry Number 23184-66-9 Properties: Amber-colored liquid. Density: 1.070 g/ml at 25 0C. Uses: Preemergence control of most annual grasses, certain more
    Brand Name:GJ-Herbicide
    Model Number:GJ-Herbicide00
    Place of Origin:China

    Butachlor Preemergence annual grass, weeds liquid Non Selective Herbicide 23184-66-9

  • Cheap Paraquat for sale
    ... or preemergence on vegetables, grains, cotton, grasses,sugar cane, peanuts, potatoes, and tree plantation areas; postemergence around fruit crops,vegetables,trees,vines,grains,soybeans,and sugar cane;Also used for general weed control... more
    Categories:Weed Control Herbicides
    Telephone:+86-755-25161055, 25161056


  • Cheap Oxyfluorfen CAS 42874-03-3 Goal for sale
    ... weeds inhibition. Control target: can control transplanted rice, soybeans, corn, cotton, peanuts, coffee, conifers, sugar cane, vineyards, orchards, vegetable fields and forest nursery monocotyledonous and broadleaf weeds, control annual broadleaf weeds... more
    Categories:Weed Control Herbicides

    Oxyfluorfen CAS 42874-03-3 Goal

  • Cheap Oxadiazon 98%TC,250g/LEC,380g/LSC,35%SC,30%ME for sale
    ... Ect other compound formulations 8.Control ObjectFor control of many annual Dan Ziye and dicotyledonous weeds in paddy field, mainly used for weeding, on peanut, cotton, sugar cane is effective; contact toxicity preemergence, postemergence herbicide. Used... more
    Categories:Pesticide Herbicide

    Oxadiazon 98%TC,250g/LEC,380g/LSC,35%SC,30%ME

  • Cheap TC Acetochlor for sale
    ...broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge. Crops include cabbage, citrus, coffee, corn (all types), cotton, green peas, maize, onion, orchards, peanuts, potatoes, rape, soybeans, sugarbeets, sugarcane, sunflower, and vineyards. Acetochlor is applied preemergence... more

    TC Acetochlor

  • Cheap Herbicides >  Fluorochloridone for sale
    ... mg/l air. (Rabbit): Dermal LD50 >5000 mg/kg Uses: Preemergence control for cotton, potatoes, winter rye, winter wheat, and a wide range of weeds in sunflowers. Packing Details   Techincial:25kg FIBRE DRUM Formulation: as... more
    Categories:Chemical Herbicides
    Telephone:86-519-85190355, 85190377

    Herbicides > Fluorochloridone

    Eastchem International
  • Cheap Water flush fertilizer Devrinol for sale
    ... a selective preemergence herbicide, can be used on tobacco, watermelon, tomato, piper, cotton, oil rape, citrus, nuts, pome fruits, small fruits and other vegetables. Devrinol 50-DF can be used for control of... more
    Categories:Phosphorus Fertilizer
    Telephone:0086-20-39388285 39388286

    Water flush fertilizer Devrinol

  • Cheap WeedSwiper for sale
    ... More information about WeedSwipers including a case study What is a Weedswiper? Weedswiper is a unique non-drip weed wiper for the control of tall growing weeds in arable, grassland, forestry, horticulture and amenitysituations. more
    Categories:Weed Control Herbicides
    Telephone:01427 612030


  • Cheap Glyphosate:  41%SL  herbicide for sale
    Glyphosate Classification: Herbicide CAS No.: 1071-83-6 Other Names: glyphosate ammonium salt MF: (HO)2P(O)CH2NHCH2COOH EINECS No.: Herbicide Place of Origin: China State: lightLiquid Purity: glyphosate 480G/L or 41% IPA or 360g/l Application: HERBICIDE ... more
    Brand Name:KB
    Model Number:41% SL
    Place of Origin:China

    Glyphosate: 41%SL herbicide

  • Cheap Imazethapyr 5% ME for sale
    ... or other fabaceous plant. Can be used on preemergence and postemergence time. Use: can be used effectively in soybean field to control gramineous weed and broadleaf weed ,such as barnyard grass, green bristlegrass, digitaria... more

    Imazethapyr 5% ME

  • Cheap imazapic 98%TC 24%SL CAS No.:104098-48-8 Herbicide for sale
    Specifications 1 formulation 98%TC 2 ISO 9001 FAO standard 3 strong product with best quality and competitive price HOT !! OUR STRONG PRODUCT. ISO 9001 FAO standard Professional Manufacturer All kinds of specification: 98%TC 10%SL 70%WP 70%WDG Imazethapyr... more
    Brand Name:rely
    Place of Origin:Jiangsu

    imazapic 98%TC 24%SL CAS No.:104098-48-8 Herbicide

  • Cheap Herbicide Weedicide Imazethapyr 98%TC Soybean for sale
    ... an imidazole compound used as a selective herbicide. It is applied preplant incorporated, preemergence, at cracking, and postemergence. The compound controls weeds by reducing the levels of three branched- chain aliphatic amino acids, isoleucine... more

    Herbicide Weedicide Imazethapyr 98%TC Soybean

  • Cheap pesticide herbicide Acetochlor for sale
    ..., % 0.3max 2-chloro-N-(2-ethyl-6-methylphenyl)-acetamide, % 2.0max Packing detail: 200kg/drum or as your demand Application: Preemergence herbicide inhibiting the synthesis of plant protein. Applied in fields of maize, cotton. Peanut and... more

    pesticide herbicide Acetochlor

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